Voodoo Doll Tattoo Design

I rendered this voodoo doll tattoo design (scroll down) in Photoshop a few months back. It was an experiment to get down and dirty with Photoshop as an artistic medium and get some feedback.

I might do more tattoo designs in Photoshop in the future. Keep up with tattoodev by subscribing to rss in the sidebar or like the facebook page.

I’m about to tattoo this design on a regular customer and I figured I would post the image I created from a sketch… in case it interests anyone else as a tattoo reference.

I am giving it away free. All I ask if that you do not use it for commercial purposes. I’ve already done that by the way. ;)

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Voodoo Doll Art Prints and Posters are available as well.

Add to it, change it up, send me details of what you use it for or whatever. You can clearly see the images below in this post which you will probably find in Google images or Stumble.

Voodoo Doll Tattoo (fully rendered tattoo design)

voodoo doll tattoo design

As you can see, this image is of a voodoo doll with pins puncturing his heart that is bleeding out onto a spool of thread into a reflecting pool of blood at the bottom. The background has a surreal feel to it with blood spatter and darkness. I kept a white dominate background for sharp contrast.

or the line art

voodoo doll outline

and original drawing…

voodoo doll sketch