zombie eye tattoo

How to Tattoo Zombie Eye Video

Zombie eyes are the windows of the soulless. Here is a how to tattoo zombie eye video. I suppose the red reflects the lack of life or blood flow that has started to leak into the outer layers of decomposing flesh!

This tattoo is actually on the upper forearm and the top of the eye brushes the bend of the arm. That area is very painful to work on for most people.

I spent about 2 hours on this tattoo but some of that time was spent stopping to adjust the video. It could have gone much faster without the added video but what fun would that be?

Lately I’ve been attracted toward the presentation of the creation process as a form of art on its own behalf. The tattoo is the outcome and focus still but the entertainment quality can be shared with more people in the form of video and blogging.

Here is the big picture…

How to Tattoo Zombie Eye Video

how to tattoo zombie eye video

How to tattoo a Zombie Eye Reference Pic

And if you’re interested in watching the zombie eye tattoo video in HD 1080p here it is…zombie eye tattoo

Or watch it here…