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Watercolor Tattoo Art

After some time passes as an artist there will be a shift of focus toward a particular style that resonates more with the creative forces being experiences by the isolated perception of the true self.  This is what I am experiencing now. I am finding that when I do more of what I love then […]

zombie eye tattoo

How to Tattoo Zombie Eye Video

Zombie eyes are the windows of the soulless. Here is a how to tattoo zombie eye video. I suppose the red reflects the lack of life or blood flow that has started to leak into the outer layers of decomposing flesh! This tattoo is actually on the upper forearm and the top of the eye […]

Voodoo Doll Tattoo Design

I rendered this voodoo doll tattoo design (scroll down) in Photoshop a few months back. It was an experiment to get down and dirty with Photoshop as an artistic medium and get some feedback. I might do more tattoo designs in Photoshop in the future. Keep up with tattoodev by subscribing to rss in the […]